A typical evening

What might I expect?

At our first cafechurch in Welwyn Garden City the doors open at 5pm; the Costa staff are ready and the coffee gets brewing! The Costa menu is available with extra marshmallows and chocolate!

Each event runs with a set pattern (we call this a menu) whatever the subject. There is information on the tables providing discussion starters, quizzes to encourage conversation and getting to know people. Making friends is a great part of cafechurch.

There will be someone who will start with a welcome and introduce the topic of the evening, maybe with an interview, a video clip or newspaper article. There are always lots of opportunities for chat around tables as the coffee flows!

There's a round-up at the end of the evening, suggesting how you can get involved or get help with the issues raised. There's an opportunity to talk with someone, get some prayer or get information about the church and the activities it runs throughout the week.

You can view a sample table menu here.


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